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About Us

Company Overview

Casper Infosystem Private Limited (also referred herein as “Casper”) is an online classified marketing company, based in India.  The company provides multi-channel direct marketing solutions to clients in consumer products, technology and telecom, consumer durables, retail industries, tour & travel, real estate and food & beverages.   It also develops online coupon generation and distribution campaigns. The company offers online media services through operation of its multiple verticals websites namely www.icompareall.com, www.iusebarter.com, www.omghotdeals.com, www.commodityjunctions.com, www.hotelsanddestinations.com, www.36estates.com and many others.

Casper is one of the online classified companies in real estate, ecommerce, commodity, shipping and other related services.

The company was incorporated on April 7, 2016 under the Companies Act, 2013 as Casper Infosystem Private Limited.  Starting with classified online business, www.ezdayshop.com, www.iusebarter.com, www.36estates.com and many other websites Casper has grown and diversified rapidly.  Driven by innovation, creativity, an experienced and talented leadership team and a strong culture of entrepreneurship, today, it is India’s online classifieds company in E-commerce, Commodity & Shipping, real estate, Tour and Travel and other related services.

Its business portfolio comprises:

E-Commerce:  Casper is an independent provider of enterprise solutions for omni-channel commerce. Most of the large and mid-sized companies around the world already benefited from our expertise.

In response to increasingly complex e-commerce requirements, Casper now provides a variety of services that enable customers to leverage the full potential of online selling. Building on extensive industry knowledge, we develop and implement commerce solutions that are tailored to your needs and that allow you to drive the changes in your industry. In other words, Casper is your ideal partner for every aspect of e-commerce—up to and including full management of your online business.

Our online e-commerce classified sites fulfilling every consumer’s needs.  The details are as below:-

          1)  For Business to Customer (B2C) model visit our online store www.omghotdeals.com & www.ezdayshop.com

          2)  For Price Comparison Model visit our site www.icompareall.com the site compares price of various products from various online stores such as Flipkart, Snapdeal etc.

          3)  For Customer to Customer (C2C) Model visit our site www.iusebarter.com, the site allows you to exchange / swap your used items / products with other users.  The site also                      allows you to donate the product for charity to listed NGO’s on the site

With locations in India and Singapore, partners around the globe, and our own team of professionals operating worldwide, you can expect world-class service at all times.

Simplify complexity, create new ideas for your business—make Casper your partner.

Real Estate:  Online real estate classifieds, www.36estates.com, is India’s largest property marketplace covering almost all the major cities and a large number of agents and developers.

Shipping & Commodity:  Online Shipping & Commodity classifieds,  www.commodityjunctions.com, is a marketplace for all exporter’s and importer’s of different type of commodities.  The site acts as a common platform allowing users to place their requirements for different types of commodities required for industrial use or retail in bulk for trading or for final use.  The site also ensures that the users looking for Ocean freight can also check for the best available freight provided by companies registered ship owners, charterers, brokers, Agents or freight forwarders.    

Tour & Travel:  Online Tour & Travel classifieds, www.hotelsanddestinations.com, is presently a forum providing a platform to all to discuss the destinations, write about their travel experiences, share places to visit, advice on hotels to stay etc.,  we are developing the site for booking of hotels and resorts.  This will be made available to our customers shortly.

Food & Beverages:  Coming up shortly…



A history of success and recognition.

Historical milestones and a variety of achievements characterize our company’s journey: from a merchant’s company selling one product to the global player we are today. Throughout the decades, we have seen many first-time product launches, a steady flow of innovations, continuous expansions through organic growth and acquisitions. During this time, the Casper family and its employees all over the world have contributed to our success, which is marked by achievements of what we are today.



FEBRUARY 2017 Launched Price Comparison Website WWW.ICOMPAREALL.COM

JANUARY 2017 Launched C2C Model E-Commerce Website WWW.IUSEBARTER.COM

NOVEMBER 2016 Launched Real Estates Website WWW.36ESTATES.COM

AUGUST 2016 Launched E-Commerce Website WWW.EZDAYSHOP.COM

MAY 2016 Launched Shipping & Commodity Website WWW.COMMODITYJUNCTIONS.COM

APRIL 2016 Launch of our Second Website in Tour & Travel WWW.HOTELSANDDESTINATIONS.COM

APRIL 2016 Launch of our First E-Commerce Website WWW.OMGHOTDEALS.COM

APRIL 2016 Incorporation of the Company as a private limited company.

JANUARY 2016 Process of Incorporation of the Company was made into affect.


To be one of the World's leading customer centric company that will continuously improvise itself to fulfill its customers needs in current and new businesses by providing them superior quality of value through enhanced offerings on the internet and other platforms.

We will try to give people the power to share and make their own effective opinions and transform themselves for a better tomorrow.




To lead the way to the future of technology by innovating new ideas to delight our customers by providing them the best quality and hassle free internet platform to shop for products and services, through our commitment to constantly innovate and generate new ideas for a better and greener tomorrow.